Simply complete the form below, then kick back and relax and we will handle the rest.
Once you submit your request, check your email for further instructions. Normally Tangy Shop will process your return and send you a confirmation  email with further instruction within 24 hours.

You can only return a product and request for a refund if:

  • You have received the product and you are within the 30 day return policy dates and;
  • Product(s) were not as described
  • You received the product(s) damaged or in non-working condition
  • Or you never received the product

Please note:

  • You can not return a product because you changed your mind or no longer want the product
  • Currently, Tangy Shop is not able to cover costs associated with returning a product to merchants such as shipping or costs of packaging.
  • When processing a return, Tangy Shop will charge a restocking fee of $0.30 + $0.30/per $10. For example, if you are returning a $10 item, you will receive a refund for $9.40.